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Restored. Renewed. Refreshed.

I am a retired schoolteacher, wife to George, mother of three, and grandmother to eleven. (I have pictures!)

As a speaker, I have been trained through Proverbs 31, She Speaks, and Carol Kent's Speak Up With Confidence Seminars. My speaking opportunities have allowed me to travel throughout the MidWest with Christian Women's Clubs, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Joy Fellowship, various ladies' retreats, and Mother's Day luncheons.

As a teacher, I spent most of my time in a Christian School. Three of my last years of teaching were in an Alternative School within our district. A 180, for sure! There, I realized how much I could relate to their brokenness.

Circumstances in life compounded to the point that I could no longer pretend I was "fine" and needed professional help to identify the toxic patterns and cycles that kept me stuck and circling the same mountains over and over. My two-year journey with a counselor unlocked many false narratives and defeating thoughts that permeated my mind.

The process was grueling as we unraveled decades of feeling I could never be enough for my employers, students, friends, husband, kids, parents, athletes, siblings, and even God.


I now walk in a freedom I have never known.

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